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Legal consulting – our specialty is listening

In an extensive personal interview, we take time for you and discuss the details of your situation with you. During this, you will receive a schedule for the next steps and a transparent cost estimation. We gather the necessary information from you for the preparation of an adequate solution strategy, and you secure for yourself the satisfying sense that you have been understood.

This is followed by the intensive analysis of your situation, i.e. the legal analysis, combined with Internet-supported research of the most recent case law and literature. We work with a competent team of tax consultants and auditors of the WPG REVISION NORD GmbH who are perfectly trained in their specialties and will be of assistance if necessary. And this is why we always have a solution for your situation.

Would you like to make a personal decision and evaluate its consequences or secure your business for the future? Then you have come to the right people. We advise you in all issues relating to employment law whether it be for extrajudicial or judicial disputes, creation, analyses and updates of employment contracts, planned restructuring, consultation and negotiation of company agreements and much more.

Our objective is to set up a long-term strategy for your business with you that will assist you in purposefully structuring your personnel management and the personnel organization. To this purpose, we would like to cooperate efficiently with the personnel and executive management.


Representation in all extrajudicial and judicial disputes

We advise and represent your position in all legal disputes. As a rule, a legal case begins outside of the courtroom. It makes sense during this phase to already rationally plan all steps so that the course is properly set. In many cases, an agreement can be achieved through an extrajudicial conflict resolution, including the mechanisms of a mediation. In the event a court case is necessary, we will consequently represent you and in close consultation with you.

Special offers

Employment contract evaluation

The employment contract is the foundation of every personnel management. An employment contract “off the rack” often later leads to surprises if disputes arise because the rights are not clearly explained. We create and evaluate your employment contracts, target agreements, premium regulations, company car regulations, etc., particularly according to the requirements of your business and provide you with a regular update upon request. A special service is the wraparound analysis (contractually, due diligence) of existing employment contracts, for example, if a fusion is pending or contracts should be simplified.

First evaluation at a flat rate

We offer an initial evaluation of your employment contract master copy upon request at a flat rate. The quick evaluation includes a careful review of the master copy and an individual evaluation if and which improvements should be made. In a subsequent discussion, we explain our evaluation to you in detail and finetune the organization options with you.

Additional individual evaluation

If a more comprehensive creation of samples is required, we negotiate all other steps with you and settle the additional costs thoroughly with you.
We will gladly explain our employment contract evaluation to you in a personal interview. Please call us at 040 – 32 90 88 920.

Status assessment

An employee is employed as a freelancer in the company. In a company audit, the pension insurance is now checking if a “freelancer” employment relationship exists. There are impeding claims on the legal insurance providers, fines or even penalties. Your employee does not agree to the termination of the contractual relationship. He/she claims protection against dismissal and that he/she was not actually a “freelancer” but a staff member and files a dismissal protection suit.

It is not impossible to stipulate a proper “freelancer employee relationship.” We help you to evaluate the status and, if necessary, perform a (precautionary) status assessment procedure.

The social security appraisal often presents a problem for shareholder-managing directors. In this, we also competently support you.

Status evaluation at flat rate

If requested in the context of an initial evaluation, we first analyze for a flat rate if your intended contractual relationship meets the requirements of a freelancer employee relationship. This includes an initial consultation in which we ask questions about the intended contractual relationship as well as a subsequent discussion to clear up any remaining open issues.

Representation in legal disputes

In the event, further proceedings arise (inquiries from the insurance carrier, opposition proceedings, complaint proceedings including dismissal protection proceedings), we arrange all additional steps with you and stipulate the additional costs in close coordination with you.
We will gladly explain the status determination to you in a personal interview. Call us at 040 32 90 88 920.

The digitalization challenge

Digital transformation is unavoidable for strategic and efficient human resource management. We help you to sensibly interpret and digitalize old files in order to integrate them into a digital HR concept. We coordinate with technical partners who assist you in finding reasonable IT solutions.

Report creation

An employee requests an interim report or an employee resigns from the company and is awaiting a final assessment for the work performed.
Now you must create a certificate or report in addition to your usual workload. How is this certificate or report legally rendered? Which points must it contain? Should it mention a parental leave? How do I “favorably” formulate the report or certificate in accordance with the legal stipulations?
We assume these tasks for you. The only thing you must do is explain the individual conditions during a brief discussion because only you know what your employee has truly achieved.

Report creation at a flat rate

We offer you a report creation or revision upon request at a flat rate. This includes a preliminary interview in which we clarify with you any queries about the employment relationship, report creation and a subsequent interview in order to clear up other open queries.
Legal representation in disputes over reports or certificates
If, despite everything, a legal dispute over the report or certificate ensues, we will advise and represent you. We explain the process risks to you and coordinate the expected additional costs closely with you.

We will gladly explain the report creation in a personal interview. Call us at 040 – 32 90 88 920.

Warning evaluation

A warning is the yellow card in employment legislation. Sometimes it is necessary.
A warning is generally required to be able to terminate a contract in the case of repeated infringements with regard to conduct. You should not silently accept infringements against contractual employment obligations. A warning serves the internal clarification. And it prevents that a behavior contrary to contract alters contractual employment obligations through silent enduring over a long period of time.

We assist you in explaining a warning legally, calling attention to certain formalities to observe and clarifying when a warning is appropriate and when additional consequences come into question.

Warning evaluation at flat rate

We offer to explain the situation to you in a discussion and stipulate an initial assessment of the potential legal consequences for a flat rate. Then, if desired, we process a warning and its safe delivery for you.

Legal representation in disputes over warnings

If further disputes arise, we will advise and represent you. We explain the process risks to you and coordinate the expected additional costs closely with you.

We will gladly explain the warning evaluation in a personal interview. Call us at 040 – 32 90 88 920.


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